Veterinary Dental Care

Taking care of our pet’s teeth and gums is not a high priority on most animal owner’s list due to lack of information given on the subject. At Cumberland Animal Hospital our experienced doctors will not only exam your pets mouth, clean teeth and treat disease, we will also educate you as a responsible owner on how to keep your pet healthy through proper dental hygiene.

Nearly 50% of cats and 85% of dogs show signs of dental disease over the age of four. Why is this important? Harmful bacteria can build up in your pet’s mouth and spread to other organs including the heart, liver and kidneys, and through the blood not only causing harmful diseases but possibly also sepsis, which is a condition where the body responds as a whole to infection.

To get your dog or cat on the right track, Cumberland Animal Hospital will start with a dental exam. Once all the teeth, gums and tongue have been examined, our doctors and staff will clean and polish your animal’s teeth to remove the tartar and plaque which is filled with bacteria. Gum disease will also be addressed at this time and appropriate medicines will be prescribed as needed. Before going home, you will be shown different ways to keep your pet’s teeth and gums as healthy as possible. This may include teeth cleaning kits, topical medicines and even healthy treats aimed at killing harmful germs on teeth and gums.

If your pet is showing signs of bad breath, decreased appetite or lack of interest in food, please call Cumberland Animal Hospital to schedule an exam today.